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Sismo box: what is inside?

Electronic shaking table

Vertical seismometer

Eathquake origin: lasagna, block

Azimut software to find far earthquake position

Is it possible to predict earthquakes?

Stick-slip with step to step engine

Stick-slip with electric screw driver

Resonance with screwdriver and excentric:

Electronic shaking table:

Swith ON-OFF with battery:

Excentric and changing amplitude:

Resonance with srew-driver and excentric:

Resonance at 3 lamda/4:

Site effect with excentric:

Resonance of the center Grenoble alluvion basin:

Resonance of the edge Grenoble alluvion basin:

Drand liquefaction with wet sand and vibration:

How to make good buildings:

Hanging wall perpandiculary or parallel:

Rolling fundations to limit building vibration:

Bearing wall good and bad:

Triangulated systems: shape is preserved :

Roof amortissor as Tapeï tower:

Energy accumulation/ release: opposite movements:

Fault mechanism:

Fault mechanism with azimut:

Shaking table with low frequency electric generator


3D shaking table with 3 interfaces and 3 loudspeakers:

Strong earthquake applied on a 3D shaking table:

Very simple shaking table with an electric screwdriver and excentric: